The Taxidermist

(2009 Italy, directed by Maurizio Radice, color, 80 mins)

Taxidermy is the art of preserving the skin of animals. Better known as embalming, began with the Dutch explorers that brought in country their discoveries in the seventeenth century.

Vacanze d'Agosto

(2010 Italia, color, 3 mins)

Video for "Vacanze d'Agosto" (August holidays), the first disc of Paolo Fan "Il vampiro e l'aereoplano" (The Vampire and the Airplane).

Flaminio Bertoni. Life, Genius and Works

(2007 Italy, directed by Maurizio Radice, b&w and color, 29 mins)

Flaminio Bertoni has lived in Paris nearly all the life. Perhaps, he is more famous like the designer that has marked the history of the automobile in the past century, with the realization of the futuristic lines of the Traction Avant and the DS Citroen.

Devalle - FOR

(2006 Italy, by Alessandro Taiana and Maurizio Radice, color 12 mins)

For shows the latest series of works by the painter Beppe Devalle, great allegorical machines dealing with the issue of suicide of the protagonists as the price paid to consciously assert their creative identity.

Happy Hours

(2004 Italy, by Carmelo Bonvissuto and Maurizio Radice, color, 30 mins)

Summer 2003: the multinational Trussardi wants to close “Le Trottoir”, the last bohemienne place in Milan. Fights against the closure begin and the manager of the café chains himself. 

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